Pit Bull Owner Has an Important Message About 'Small Dog Syndrome'

Small dogs are full of spunk, but that sometimes gets them into trouble. Everyone knows a Chihuahua, Yorkie, or another breed of small dog that simply refuses to accept their small stature. What they lack in body weight they make up for in fearless attitude. People laugh when little dogs bark and growl at dogs five times their size, but for owners of big dogs, it isn't always funny.

Kortney Chel likes to take her 75-pound pit bull to the dog park. The park is split into two sections - one for big dogs and one for small dogs - and her pup loves to run and play with the other dogs his size. However, a recent incident prompted Chel to write what is now a viral Facebook post.

Two dogs playing

She's calling the small dog spunk that people seem to love so much "small dog syndrome," and for her and many other pet owners, it isn't cute.

Her post reads:

"To the small dog at the dog park...I don't keep my 75lb pit away from you for your safety, I keep him away from you for his safety."

Chel goes on to tell the story of what happened when her dog, Toby, met a small dog on the big dog's side of the park. Chel was getting ready to leave when Toby ran up to a small dog wanting to play. The little dog let out a growl when Toby got too close to his favorite toy, and the pit bull leaned down on his elbows as a way of introduction. Toby wasn't expecting a fight, but the little dog lashed out and bit the pit bull on the face. Meanwhile, Chel said the small dog's owner was on the phone and laughing at her dog's fearless attitude.

Chel quickly collected Toby to prevent any further altercation, but she also took the opportunity to point out the double standard. She explains how if the roles were reversed and Toby was the one who acted aggressively, no one would be laughing or calling it cute.

She wrote:

"She [the small dog's owner] didn't see you bite my Toby so I made sure she knew because you see, a lot of people think that small dog syndrome is cute. That 'I'm gonna growl and snap because I think I am as big as you' little attitude is adorable. I don't. See, if you do that to another small dog and it bites you back it is no big deal, but if my big dog tries to stand up for himself and bites you, he would be the one ridiculed. "

Toby went home with a bite mark on his muzzle, and his owner went home with a story to tell and a message to spread. Thousands of people have responded to her post, and it's been shared over 51,000 times. It seems she's not the only who doesn't believe "small dog syndrome" is cute and harmless.

She ended her post with:

"If you wouldn't want my big dog to do it to your small dog, don't let your small dog do it to my big dog."

Do you agree with this dog owner's message about "small dog syndrome?" Let us know in the comments.

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