mule deer buck
Gerry Bourgoin/Facebook

Pics: Third Times a Charm for Bagging This Brute Alberta Muley Buck

Perseverance pays off in a big way for this out-of-province hunter.

Harvesting a trophy buck is no easy task. It takes a combination of determination and perseverance, as well as a willingness to selectively pass over a whole lot of "good" bucks for that "great" buck.

Gerry Bourgoin, who hails from Belleville, Ontario, knows a little about perseverance. This avid hunter traveled three separate times to the province of Alberta before he came home with the trophy buck he wanted. And as you can see, it's certainly a dandy!

Here's what he had to say about his Nov. 22 a Facebook post:

"Well here is my Alberta Mule Deer Buck. It took me three separate trips to Alberta to get the one I wanted to shoot. This trip I passed on many smaller bucks and stood in the -22 weather day after day. After spotting this guy today and waiting for 2 hours for him to get in a position for a shot, it all came together and my quest for an Alberta giant Mule deer has come to a close. Great memories here in Alberta."

mule deer buck

mule deer buck

mule deer buck

This is what we'd call going the distance to achieve your goal.

Awesome muley buck, Gerry! Third time was definitely the charm!

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