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Pics: Monster Buck Down in North Dakota

Sharing the moment with your father makes a trophy buck that much more special.

We've seen some big bucks hit the ground this year, but for sheer size and scoring potential, this bruiser from North Dakota might just take top prize. We'll let you be the judge.

Kyle Hass harvested his trophy buck Nov. 10, which coincidentally was the first day of rifle season. However, he crossed paths with it a day earlier, bow in hand on a stalk, before the giant caught wind of him and fled. As luck would have it, he was given another crack at it 24 hours later.

Here's how the hunt unfolded, in Kyle's own words, as posted to his Facebook page:

"I'm still speechless. It doesn't even seem real. I've heard about this deer for 2 years now and have seen his sheds. I never would have thought I would find him a day before rifle season. I watched him bed down Thursday morning with a doe and came back that afternoon with my bow to try a stalk. I got in to 50 yards before he busted without a shot. I figured that would be the last time I ever set eyes on him. My dad, Ryan Peterson, and I looked for him Friday morning with no luck. When noon rolled around we started walking everything where we had last seen him and ended up kicking him up out of a little slough about a 1/2 mile away. To have my dad and best friend with me to help and watch it all unfold is something I'll never forget."

monster buck

monster buck

Now those are some of the most gnarly tines we've ever laid eyes on! A freakish-looking rack that looks like it would be more at home on a moose than a deer.

monster buckmonster buck

Alos, sharing a special moment such as this with your father truly defines what hunting is all about.

Congrats on the buck of a lifetime, Kyle. We can't wait to hear how it scores.

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