Canadian Whitetail/Facebook

Pics: Feast Your Eyes on the Bull Elk They Nicknamed 'Ole Thundernutz'

What a fitting name for a bull elk with a unique right-side antler.

When the boys from Canadian Whitetail posted these photos to their Facebook page Dec. 29, we couldn't help but let out a snicker. Talk about nailing it in the name game.

The bull elk with the unusual right-side rack was rumored to be roaming a variety of states in 2016, but in fact was living north of the border in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Here's the Facebook post with the details:

bull elk

bull elk

bull elk

And here is the first image of "Ole Thundernutz," captured in 2016:

bull elk

As mentioned above, a lucky hunter harvested Ole Thundernutz in 2017. Now that's one fine conversation piece hanging over the mantle!

One mystery remains: what caused the deformation on the right side? Was it an injury during the velvet stage? Was it opposite-side lower body trauma? Or maybe it was simply a freak genetic growth?

What do you think?

Images Courtesy of Canadian Whitetail/Facebook.

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