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Photos of Stunning Hunting Knives That You'll Stare at for Hours

Who doesn't love a good knife? These handcrafted hunting knives combine art and function to create something that is almost too beautiful too get bloody... almost.

Here are ten-plus-one hunting knives that are eye-popping, smile-inducing, drool-worthy works of the handcrafter's art. They might just turn you into a serious knife collector. These knives are gorgeous, but they're also functional working tools too, if you want them to be.

Check out the links to each maker's website to see even more brilliant examples of each knife maker's art.

Go ahead and stare. We won't tell.

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This big brute walks the edge between being a practical hunting knife and being a little too large, but it's just too seductive not to include here. I'm a fan of Peter Kohler's Dark Timber hand forged knives. His heavy knives could do service as survival knives.

The Sobral brothers - CAS Knives - are outstanding knife makers who live and work near Buenos Aires. This full tang rustic beauty is a good example of their work.

This Joe Loui Knives "Gentlemen's EDC" combines smart design with a beautiful burl handle. You'd be proud to skin a deer with this gorgeous blade.

Here's an example of the legendary Scagel knife. Old school beauty and functionality.

Levi Graham Knives combines colonial style with modern methods to create knives and sheaths that remind of an earlier time in history.

Tomas Rucker knives venture close to being art collector knives (just look at that blade guard).

Wayne Morgan is a South African knife maker whose knives exhibit a beautiful simplicity of design. This knife is expertly crafted with natural handle material that includes African black wood and giraffe bone.

This box elder wood handled gem from Backwoods Custom Knives practically qualifies as knife porn.

A period style frontier antler crown knife from North River Custom Knives would be a source of pride and conversation on any hunter's belt.

The above two photos are the epitome of frontier style knife maker's art. This set of knives is knife maker Chuck Burrows' interpretation of what the Spanish and mixed blood buffalo hunters of Northern New Mexico - the Ciboleros - might have carried as a skinning and meat cutting set. Unfortunately, Mr. Burrows passed away last year, and though they are no longer taking orders, you can view more of his gorgeous creations at his website.

Here's the plus-one image: another beauty from Peter Kohler and Dark Timber Knives. Absolutely stunning. Kohler's knives are big and heavy enough that you could even use them as a wild hog knife.

Custom knife making is seeing a resurgence of late, with many great knife makers making names for themselves. Also, many mass production knife companies are putting out great blades for the outdoorsman. Why carry a cheap production knife when you can carry a great quality production or custom knife?

Other than your weapon, a good knife is arguably your most important tool in the field. There's no reason that it can't be beautiful as well as functional.

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