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Make Your Own Aztec Mosaic Eagle Warrior Knife

Eagle Warrior knife

Make this reproduction mosaic Aztec Eagle Warrior knife yourself. Use Shawn Woods’ tutorial in this easy-to-follow video.

Shawn Woods found an image in The Smithsonian Book of North American Indians: Before the Coming of the Europeans. One particular image of an Aztec Eagle Warrior knife caught Woods’ attention.

As distasteful as the Eagle Warriors were for their practice of collecting slaves for human sacrifice, they were highly respected in Aztec culture. And the knife is in fact a beautiful example of Aztec art.

First, Woods sketched the rough shape of the handle and stone blade. Then he carved the handle into a good likeness of the original.

He learned that the stone blade did not go into the haft of the handle very deeply, indicating that the knife was probably ceremonial and not practical in nature.

The original blade was made from knapped white flint. Woods did not have any white flint, so he substituted black obsidian.

He knapped the obsidian flake in the usual manner until he got a good copy of the original.

The original knife handle was a mosaic of turquoise, malachite, spiny oyster shell, mother-of-pearl and conch shell. The pieces were glued to the wooden handle with pine pitch glue. Woods used what shells he had on hand, which he was happy enough with.

He glued the blade in with the same pine pitch glue before wrapping the area with agave cordage. The finished mosaic Aztec Eagle Warrior knife was a fair reproduction of the original and a fun project for Woods. He intends to give the knife away as a thank-you to celebrate the number of people who have followed him on YouTube.

Stay tuned and you could be the winner of this fine Aztec Eagle Warrior knife.

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Make Your Own Aztec Mosaic Eagle Warrior Knife