Did You Know That Pet Chiropractors Are a Thing?

More and more pets are now getting their spines back in alignment.

As alternative veterinary medicine becomes more popular, holistic treatment for animals has extended beyond acupuncture and laser therapy to include pet and animal chiropractors.

Spinal adjustment in animals isn't exactly a new-age phenomenon, despite its modern-day trending. Chiropractic animal medicine dates back to 1895, roughly around when humans began getting their spines realigned.

Despite thousands of regular veterinarians practicing throughout the U.S., only  hundreds are certified in animal chiropractic care. Most states have laws in place that only licensed veterinarians with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) can adjust pets, meaning human chiropractors shouldn't be fixing misalignments in critters. Anatomy differs across species, with dog and cat skeletons shaped uniquely, most noticeably that canines and felines have tails and walk on all fours.

However, many human chiropractors disagree with the laws set in place to protect pets from improper care. They argue that the veterinary chiropractic certification can be earned in weeks whereas they study their specialty for years.

Dr. Rick Tsai, a human chiropractor based out of Ohio, has aligned everything from raccoons to hollow-boned birds. He told the New York Times:

"Do you really think that a few weeks course can possibly teach a vet the skills that has taken a good chiropractor years to learn?"

Regardless of the qualifications, pet owners are certainly seeking chiropractic care for their beloved companions, and many will accept chiropractic treatments wherever they can get it.

Horse owners in particular have been flocking to chiropractors for spinal manipulation as the call for alternative treatment for equines gains steam.

Though there isn't much scientific literature on the growing field of pet chiropractic adjustments, pet parents swear to its efficacy, much like acupuncture.

Would you take your pet in to a chiropractor? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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