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Bowhunter Makes the Perfect Heart Shot on a Coyote

Shot in the Heart

Watch this coyote get shot in the heart and not make it ten feet from the impact site.

Most hunters would kill for a shot in the heart like this bowhunter gets on a coyote.

According to the Youtube user this coyote got shot in the heart at 30 yards, and he was using an z7 extreme bow. Did you see how the coyote fell immediately  and didn't move at all? It was a clean shot in the heart that allowed this to happen.

The impact site was pretty graphic, but it illustrated how damaging a well-placed arrow can be. The wound was bloody and deep as it penetrated the coyote's heart.

After watching this you're now even more acquainted with how effective a heart shot can be when hunting. It means less suffering for the animal less time for the hunter to track it down. Take a lesson here and practice honing in your accuracy.


Bowhunter Makes the Perfect Heart Shot on a Coyote