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Kids & Dog Lovers Are Falling in Love with 'Paw Patrol: The Movie'

Paw Patrol comes to the big screen, delighting fans of all ages.

Thanks to the popular Canadian Nickelodeon TV show, the Paw Patrol is well-known for keeping Adventure Bay safe. Ryder and his team of pups Skye, Rocky, Chase, Marshall, Zuma, and Rubble. In their first foray into the movies with Paramount Pictures, the team takes their show on the road to save Adventure City.

The movie was released at the box office and on Paramount+ for subscribers giving parents (and Paw Patrol lovers everywhere) the opportunity to watch the film even if they cannot get to the movie theater.

Paw Patrol: The Movie Review

I have two Paw Patrol obsessed kiddos at home. In fact, it may be the only thing we have watched in weeks! So naturally the movie was at the top of their must see list. When the movie came out on August 20, the kiddos were chomping at the bit to watch their favorite canine heroes in action. This may be the first time the kids and I have seen a movie on its actual release date. Taking a seven-year-old and a two-year-old to the movie theaters to sit through an hour and twenty-eight-minute movie with masks on did not sound like a good time. Thankfully, along with Disney and Netflix, Paramount+ is a necessity in our house.

The TV series is a staple in our house, so the collective excitement level for the movie was quite high. They did not even mind that they were not watching the movie on the big screen.

The storyline centers around Ryder and the pups rescuing people in the big city from debacle after debacle, mostly perpetrated by the menacing Mayor Humdinger, who made frequent appearances in the Nick Jr. & Spin Master television series, causing frequent mischief with his cohort of cats.

The new movie does not disappoint. With great tunes from Adam Levine and various other artists coursing throughout, the action-packed movie brings the resounding teamwork from the pups that parents have come to expect.

The anti-canine antics from Mayor Humdinger from the show seemed like they would be hard to top. Still, Humdinger and his foul felines made a magnificent mess of Adventure CIty in a way only Humdinger could, leaving the Paw Patrol plenty of opportunities to swoop in and save the day.

The whole movie has a classic Hollywood makeover vibe, with the graphics being sharper and the city being flashier than humble Adventure Bay. From the subway to the tall skyscrapers, everything is shinier in Adventure City.

The Lookout pales compared to the new headquarters in Adventure City filled with fantastical gadgets most grown-ups would only dream of having. But there is nothing these pups don't have at their disposal. The movie even takes on some more serious notes regarding Chase's past, which drew a few tears from my seven-year-old, though once the action kicked back in, he quickly moved on.

All in all, it was quite enjoyable with cute, family-friendly jokes and a wholesome theme. As a pet owner, its humorous to think of pups performing all these death-defying feats with expert skill — Especially with the level of focus these pups do! We all wish our pups would put that kind of energy in learning how to not chew on shoes or sit and actually stay.

What Kind Of Dogs Are The Paw Patrollers? 

Chase leads the team as a German Shepherd police dog, while Marshall is an adorable but clutzy Dalmatian fire pup. Skye is a spunky cockapoo, and Zuma is a water adverse chocolate labrador.

Rocky is the only pup who does not have a specific breed. The recycling first pup is a mixed breed, kind of like all the pup-tastic objects he saves and reuses to help with the team's adventures. The team's construction pup, Rubble, is an English Bulldog.

Paw Patrol Movie Cast

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The kid's movie is filled with high profile actors lending their voices to these adorable pups and key humans. Dax Shepard and Randall Park lend their voices to Mayor Humdingers lackeys, while Ron Pardo voices the sinister mayor.

The adorable dachshund Liberty is the voice of Marsai Martin, who is known for shows like Black-ish and Little. She proves herself to be a valuable addition to the team. The pups themselves are voiced by Kingsley Marshall, as Marshall, Iain Armitage, as Chase, Lilly Bartlam as Skye,  Keegan Hedley as Rubble, Callum Shoniker, as Rocky, and Shayle Simons, as Zuma. Of course, the team wouldn't be complete without Ryder, who Will Brisbin voices.

Other stand-out characters who make appearances throughout the movie are Yara Shahidi, who plays weather brainiac Kendra, and Jimmy Kimmel, Marty Muckraker, the city's TV journalist. Other top celebrities making cameos in the film are Tyler Perry, a truck driver, and Kim Kardashian West playing the snobby poodle, Delores.

The magnificent writing is all thanks to writer-director Cal Brunker and co-writers Billy Frolick and Bob Barlen. The plot and dialogue are perfectly enjoyable for both parents and kids.

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