Live-Action 'Clifford The Big Red Dog' Coming to a Theater Near You (Soon!)

The larger-than-life big red dog is cuter than you ever imagined in this official trailer.

Clifford, the Big Red Dog, is a legacy that pet and book lovers everywhere will get to enjoy now that the live-action Clifford The Big Red Dog movie is coming to the big screen on September 17, 2021. The newly released official trailer is a must-see. Jump into this little piece of nostalgia below.

Clifford The Big Red Dog: Official Trailer

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The beloved Scholastic book character is getting his day as a member of the growing list of animated movie and TV show character reboots into live-action stars. A trend started by Disney and Marvel collaborations has been taken advantage of by Netflix and others, with Paramount joining in on the fun.

The Clifford the Big Red Dog trailer from Paramount pictures moves quickly into the movie's premise right off the bat. The story is framed around a middle-schooler and her love for a little puppy, who becomes her very best friend through unconditional love.

The new movie follows the pair's adventures through the Big Apple, including housing a giant red puppy in a New York City apartment.

If the rest of the live-action movie is as cute as this first look, it is sure to be a fall box office hit. Surely the world could use Clifford's lessons on how to love big right about now.

Classic Clifford

Most of us remember the fluffy red puppy from the children's book series by Norman Bridwell. Others may remember him from the educational TV series that aired on PBS Kids, where you can still find re-runs today.

In the series, which aired from September 4, 2000 until February 25, 2003, John Ritter was the voice of the famous red dog. The show ended when Ritter passed away in 2003. The movie Clifford's Realy Big Movie became the 65 episode show's finale.

However, this wasn't the first iteration of the popular children's book made for TV. In 1988, there was a direct-to-video series with Brent Titcomb voicing the big red pup.

Amazon Prime Video ventured into the franchise with a reboot in 2019, with Adam Sanders voicing Clifford.

Clifford's Regular Size Co-Stars

John Cleese graces the screen as the magical animal rescuer that Emily Elizabeth, played by Darby Camp, gets the fuzzy little red puppy from. Uncle Casey (Jack Whitehall) is in charge of Emily while her mother, Sienna Guillory, is away on a business trip.

The ten-foot CGI hound is also accompanied by actors  Tony Hale, David Alan Grier, Russell Wong, Izaac Wang, Kenan Thompson, Paul Rodriguez, and

The movie is directed by Walt Becker, who is known for Old Dogs, Wild Hogs, and Van Wilder. It's produced by Jordan Kerner, who has worked on projects like The Smurfs, George of the Jungle, The Mighty Ducks, and Inspector Gadget.

The screenplay for Clifford was written by Jay Scherick, David Ronn, and Blaise Hemingway.

Charitable Contributions

Killing two birds with one stone, Paramount Pictures announced a fundraiser of Best Friends Animal Society along with the release date of the movie and the trailer. The company will donate $1 to the animal rescue for every share or like the trailer receives, up to $20,000. So far, the trailer has received 82,000 like and 30,000 retweets, far exceeding the donation number.

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