Parrot Honored by the Red Cross for Saving Toddler's Life

Birds are amazing. Do you remember when 'Willie', the Quaker parrot saved a small girl? This happened back in 2009 but we love the story so much we wanted to make sure readers knew the details.

The story in The Telegraph, and the below Facebook post tells us that a 2-year-old named Hannah Kuusk would have choked to death in 2009 if it weren't for Willie. The child was being watched by the bird's owner, Megan Howard.

"While I was in the bathroom, Willie started screaming like I'd never heard him scream before and he started flapping his wings," said Megan Howard.

"Then he started saying 'mama baby' over and over and over again until I came out and looked at Hannah and Hannah's face was turning blue."

Howard performed the Heimlich maneuver to save the little girl, but she says Willie is the real hero.

"The minute I took charge, Willie quit squawking, as if he knew things were under control," Howard says. "He calls me Mama, so he was clearly trying to get my attention. He's loud and talkative, but what really amazes me is that he added the word baby on his own."

Isn't this story amazing?

Willie was honored by the Red Cross after the incident. Willie received the local Red Cross chapter's Animal Lifesaver Award during a "Breakfast of Champions" event in front of Bill Ritter, Colorado's governor, and John Hickenlooper, the mayor of Denver at the time.

All birds deserve a beautiful environment so we found one that 'Willie' would love! Also, here's an interview with the owner when 'Willie' got his award from the Red Cross!

What do you think of this story? I own chickens and they are very sensitive to their environment so I'm not stunned this bird alerted his owner!

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