All photos via Rupa Sutton.

This Book Is All About Pastel Parrotlets Falling in Love

They're less than five inches tall but they have lots of love to give.

Fine art photographer Rupa Sutton has a knack for capturing gorgeous photos of her furry and feathered flock. Most recently, she added "Freya Ever After" to her Esty store, a book all about her four parrotlets falling in love.

Winter, Sprig, River, and Rain are four beautiful small pastel-colored birds that frequently cuddle up together and preen each other.

Sutton said she is "captivated by their beauty, their intelligence and their sweetness." These attributes quickly made them one of her favorite photography subjects.

The feathery close-ups are taken through a macro lens. Sutton said:

"A macro lens reveals so many details that might have otherwise gone unseen... the tiny eyelashes, their little tongues, the perfection of their colorful feathers."

In addition to the parrotlets, Sutton's Etsy store also has photos of her Warlander and Belgian Draft horses and her Italian Greyhounds.

Sutton's book is the perfect gift idea for bird lovers. Individual wall art is also available, as are custom orders.

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All photos via Rupa Sutton.

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