Ozark Trail Himont Backpack

Ozark Trail Himont Backpack: A Value-Driven Pack for Camping, Hiking, and More

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more capable camping companion for carrying your gear than the Ozark Trail Himont Backpack.

At a certain point in preparing for a big camping trip, right around the time you've settled on the outdoor products you'll pack, something becomes clear: you need a sufficient way to carry all those things you've gathered together.

Picking a tent and sleeping bag is a chore itself, but finding a great rucksack can cause headaches.

We've got a good, value-centric option for any level of camper, from novice to experienced. It's the Ozark Trail Himont 75L Multi-Day Backpack, and there are very few things not to love about it.

Ozark Trail Himont 75L Extended Multi-Day Backpack

This unisex camping and hiking backpack is large enough to hold supplies for several days, but not bulky or inhibiting enough to become a nuisance.

Comfortable shoulder straps, an adjustable torso system, and a heavy-duty grab handle make this internal frame pack great at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you'll see more of the advantages.

The main compartment is big and easy to access through the cinch closure, and also includes a quick-access side zipper opening. The removable top lid can zip off and function as a smaller, more manageable daypack. There are side water bottle pockets on the right and left, and its compatibility lets it serve as a great hydration backpack.

The Hilmont also includes trekking pole attachment points, plus there's a rain fly that's stashed away in the bottom zip compartment. The padded waist belt has zippered mesh pockets, and the entire back panel and the bulk of the shoulder straps are made of padded mesh to keep you cool and comfortable.

As far as multi-daypacks go, this one might take the cake. The price is right, the capabilities are there, and the durability seems to be inherent. It would make a great camping backpack but also serve well as a travel backpack for more urban adventures.

At a price point of $79, it's unlikely you'd be able to find anything else that's brand new, competes with its features, and costs less than $100. You can likely find this pack at your local Walmart or online at Walmart.com.