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10 Spring Apparel Items for Outdoorsy Men and Women

New arrivals come in every size, shape, and color every year, and we like to stay on top of it. The best reason to keep apprised of new outdoor spring apparel is the fact that these many companies are vying to create clothing and footwear that will stand the test of time. Men's, women's, and even genderless designs are there for the taking with hiking, fishing, and even camping folks in mind. While we need to keep warm in the early spring, we also want to stay dry, be comfortable, and look good doing it. Since the oncoming spring brings with it some questions as to what the weather will be, we all need to be ready for anything whether on the water, on the trail, or on a padded seat in the woods waiting for a Tom to show. Even if we're not trying to set any fashion trends, the fact is that we all want our clothing to look as nice as it works and we'll search high and low to find it.

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What to Look for In Spring Outdoor Apparel

Certainly, the onus should be on function and not so much style, even though we all want to look nice. With that in mind, even some reasonably warm spring weather can have you shivering in you are not prepared.

Staying dry is likely the most important step in keeping warm so waterproof tech surely needs to have a top priority in your choices. This is also means that a key choice for your footwear means anything GOR-TEX or similar to keep your feet from blistering due to walking in wet socks.

After that, warmth comes from the right materials such as lightweight polar fleece for hats as well as clothing. This is a paramount reason to select reliable brands that have stood the test of time for a reason.

Lastly, always prioritize safety and comfort such as comes with waterproof and windproof jackets, hats, and sturdy lightweight boots to keep you win your feet all day. The fact is that in a pinch you do not want to be fighting your gear if you're struggling to finish your hike.

LL Bean Fleece Wader Pants

These LL Bean Men's Wader Pants hug your thighs and keep your legs warm in an early spring stream. Meant to be worn underneath fishing waders, these are the sorts of things I love because they're a comfy alternative to what some people do. I've heard of plenty of anglers wearing denim jeans under their expensive waders, and I wince each time I hear it. Denim can actually ruin waders from the inside out, slowly wearing them down. Opt for some tight-fitting fleece pants with ankle stirrups like these, which look good enough to wear into a coffee shop or gas station after a day on the water.

LL Bean Women's Ridge Runner Soft-Shell Hunting Pants

Women deserve well-fitting hunting clothing designed for them, and that includes hunting pants, which often get less attention and respect but are just as important as jackets and tops. This offering from LL Bean comes in the Mossy Oak Country DNA pattern. Spring turkey hunters need to not only walk, but bend, sit, and sometimes sprint, so a good pair of pants is crucial for comfort. These have articulation in the right spots, and a high-back waist band for sitting and standing a lot. They're made of polyester with a low nap/hard face outer fabric that resists snags and debris, and it also repels water.

LL Bean Tropicwear Knit Hoodie

A hooded fishing shirt is sort of a must for spring, because it can keep a chilly wind from hitting your ears, then cover your head and neck from the sun's rays as things warm up. This quick-dry LL Bean Tropicwear Knit Hoodie fits the bill with UPF 50+ fabric, Polygiene anti-microbial technology to fight odor, and mesh in the underarm and side panels for great breathability. Plus, this Mossy Oak Elements Camouflage print is actually pretty effective in diminishing a fish's view of you, at least if they're the type that looks above the surface. Yes, fishing camo is a thing, ad it works.

Women's Altvia Alpine Pants

These Altiva Alpine Pants from Patagonia are fit for females and a great addition to your apparel collection. Don't let the term "Alpine" dissuade you thinking that these can only be worn at high altitudes. They are form fitting and meant to keep your legs warm on chillier hikes, whether you are in the park or on the trail. They're lightweight and still durable, plus they're sewn with Fair Trade Certification standards and made using some recycled materials, so you can feel good about what you're buying and wearing.

Women's XPEL Tec Hoodie

Gill Fishing has started to produce some absolutely fantastic angling apparel, and this women's top is no exception. It's a hoodie that comes in either a solid color or a choice of camo patterns. It also features a Gill Fishing-specific plant-based fabric treatment for a fully water and stain repellent finish, or as the brand says, "meaning water simply rolls off the fabric and stains such as oil, fish blood and guts are prevented." There's also a large volume hood, thumb loops, and flatlocked seams.

Garmont Vetta Tech GTX

The Garmont Vetta Tech GTX Women's Hiking Boots represent exceptional footwear for this time of year. These are as durable as it gets for a lightweight, leather upper hiking shoe. This women's version has a GORE-Tex membrane and if you see a familiar logo on the sole, it's due to the Michelin outsole which delivers excellent traction. My significant other tested these out and absolutely loved the look and feel, and they've become her go-to.

Helly Hanson Odin Minimalist Infinity Jacket

Helly Hansen

Here's an ideal rain jacket for spring and summer, one that won't weigh you down or prevent you from continuing your outdoor adventures because of a rain shower. Helly Hansen is a great, reputable brand that knows what consumers need, and a breathable shell jacket fits the bill. It packs down into its own chest pocket, a seriously beneficial feature. Plus, it's also environmentally responsible with 54% recycled fabric and PFC-free water-repellent treatment.

SheFly Go There Pants

These SheFly Go There Pants are awesome, form-fitted and designed specifically for females. It has five pockets, is made of stretch fabric, and has an adjustable waist that ties for customized fit. The extra-interesting thing about these pants is their ability to use the bathroom comfortably and safely, without taking them off.

Ibex Merino Indie Hoodie

A good merino wool hoodie is perhaps the perfect spring apparel item, and Ibex makes their gear with undeniable advantages over other options. Our editor in chief prefers this hoodie because of its flatlock stitching, which eliminates those nasty chafing situations, and because of the long quarter zip opening, ideal for when you've got to cool down a bit after strenuous activities. There's also a slim-fit scuba hood which stays up no matter what, plus thumbholes to not only assist in layering, but ensure it's covering your skin as much as it can to prevent sunburn. Oh, and it's tag-less, a feature more apparel should strive for in my opinion.

Huk Men's Marlin Pursuit Performance Shirt

Another in a long line of great apparel from Huk, this shirt can be worn in the spring and straight through the summer with equal ease. It has a lightweight, quick dry material and won't weigh you down if it gets wet. The shirt employs UPF 50 to block UVA and UVB rays, so you can stay out all day. It even has stain-resistant and anti-microbial treatments so you can count on it lasting a long time and serving you well hanging out in town as much as in the ocean, lake, or river. Even if you aren't fishing for big marlins, it's ideal for angling anytime you hit the water.

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