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The 5 Best Heated Pants of 2022 for Men and Women + Are They Safe

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Heated pants exist, what a time to be alive.

Staying warm each winter is truly a pain sometimes. Heat escaping from your hands, feet, and head is a terrible feeling, but no one talks about how having cold legs makes walking feel unbearable.

Keep those muscles warm with a pair of the best heated pants. We picked out five pairs for men and women to keep warm and cozy sitting around the campfire, hunting, fishing, and more.

Are Heated Pants Safe

Yes. In our best heated hats article, we mentioned that heated apparel doesn't (or at least shouldn't) be using 40V batteries in clothing. Typically heated clothing companies will start at 5 volts and have less than 20. Plus, the heat levels aren't insanely hot either.

So no, you won't be burned or electrocuted from the battery or clothing, making these items completely safe.

How to Wash Heated Apparel

Your heated apparel will come with wash instructions. Most likely, you'll have to take out all of the heated technology before putting it in the washer (if they are marked as machine-washable).

If instructions aren't on the tag of your clothing, be sure to reach out to the seller. There's a good chance your heated pants are not washing-machine or dryer safe.

We recommend handwashing or spot cleaning all heated apparel to ensure the longevity of your clothing. Mild detergent and water will do the trick! Be sure to lay your clothing flat to dry. Cleaning your heated apparel will be quite similar to cleaning a weighted blanket.

Best Unisex Option Under $70

1. Insuwun APP Control Electric Heated Pants

Keep it budget-friendly with a pair of pants under $70. These unisex pants have eight heating zones (calves, thighs, knees, waist, and abdomen).

You'll control the heating system with a Bluetooth function through your phone. (Fancy.) There are five different heat settings, so you'll be equipped for comfy temperatures while fishing, camping, and playing winter sports.

Keep the heating pants fully charged, and you'll have 10 hours of heat on the lowest setting and six hours of warmth on the highest setting.

These pants aren't just great for outdoor activities. If you suffer from muscle stiffness during cold winters, you'll love wearing these as you lounge around the house. Blood circulation is key to keeping warm in cold weather.

To charge these, use a USB port (not included).

Best Men's Base Layer Pant

2. Mobile Warming 7.4V Men's Primer Heated Baselayer Pant

Wear these base layer pants under your normal winter outerwear for extra warmth. Motorcycle riders and outdoor enthusiasts will love these pants.

They do look tight, but the spandex-polyester material is breathable and easy to move in. They provide a comfy next-to-skin feel. The moisture-wicking pants have concealed heating panels powered by an infrared heating system.

The high-quality system has three heating elements (for your lower back and thighs). To adjust the temperature controller, you'll use Bluetooth connectivity through your smartphone. The pants include one Lithium-Ion battery and one battery charger. Considering that these come with a battery pack, I'd go with these pants for staying warm and toasty.

You'll get 2.5 hours of heat on the high setting and 10 hours on the lowest. Get them for $160.

Best for Motorcycle Riders

3. Gerbing 12V Motorcycle Heated Pant Liner

If you're looking for pants that go up to a 4XL, head on over to Amazon for this option. These windproof pants were designed with motorcycle riders in mind. They fit perfectly under outerwear and come with advanced interconnectivity that allows you to directly plug your pant liner to a 12-volt jacket, heated gloves, or pre-wired heated socks and insoles via connections at the end of legs.

These pants have four heating zones (each leg and hip).

You can use the temperature control with the wireless controller or the dual Bluetooth controller. Connect these pants to any power system, such as your motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, boat, or just about any other vehicle.

Joel gave them four stars and wrote, "nice to have "warm pants" for a change, never had any heated anything before finally got up enough courage to purchase pants and jacket and gloves ,, and there nice to have ,, I think they could be a snugger fit below the knees. they are an "under layer" but putting anything over them is most uncomfortable and my riding jeans would no go on.. so when I need them I simply put on a layer of thermals and put them on and then my leather pants."

Best Overall Women's Base Layer Pant

4. ActionHeat Women's 5V Battery Heated Base Layer Pants

Here's a top-rated pair of heated pants for women. The pants include a power bank and a charging kit. With three heating areas, keep your knees, thighs, and backside warm for up to 4.5 hours on the lowest setting.

To control the heat settings, you'll use a touch-button display.

These pants are machine washable, just be sure to use the gentle cycle.

Best Women's Pant for Heat Setting Variety

5. Mobile Warming Women's Heated Baselayer Ion Pant

Mobile Warming's base layer pants are available for $160. These pants are made of stretchy material and are antibacterial and anti-static.

With seven heat settings and three heat zones, you'll stay pretty darn toasty. To control the temperature, use the wireless Bluetooth control or the integrated touch control button.

Shop Amazon for heated jackets and heated vests.

This post was originally published in 2021.