An Outdoorsman's Top 5 Picks for the Best Survival Knife

The best survival knife is out there, and we are here to help you find it!

When searching for the best survival knife for you, it is easy to get blinded by gimmicks and posers. If you're not familiar with blade type, steel quality, and specific design qualities, then any ol' knife usually looks appealing to you.

We've skipped over folding knife selections, focusing instead on bigger, stronger knives ready for any survival situation. A basic nylon sheath won't always do, either. You want to look for high carbon steel, and a knife that's built to last.

Plus, we don't want you heading over to search Amazon blindly, and wanted to recommend a good knife blade with versatile uses.

I hope my top five picks for the best survival knife will help you narrow down the competition.

1. Tom Brown Tracker by TOPS Knives

This fixed blade knife shouldn't need an introduction, but I will go ahead and break it down for ya! You're looking at what could possibly be the best survival knife ever to be made. The features of the blade's design allow it to perform in a variety of situations with ease and efficiency. Since the blade is short (only 6.38"), you can use it for some small work if needed and it ought to stay nice and sharp.

It has a nice micarta handle, and a steel blade of 1095 RC 56-58. Oh, and the stowaway Kydex sheath makes for quick and efficient storage.

The curved edge on the knife makes it useful for skinning and other hunting scenarios. In addition, the blade's thickness and weight make for durability and force for chopping, while the serrations on the top make it possible to saw through tree limbs and branches when necessary. Visit for more information on this amazing blade.

2. Seal Revolver by SOG Knives

The SEAL Revolver turns one of SOG's bestsellers into a great multi-purpose survival knife. It comes with a backup survival saw hidden inside the knife handle. The blade itself features a forward thumb rest that increases dexterity and downward pressure during use. The blade length is 4.75" and the knife boasts an overall length of 10". While it's not the biggest clip point blade in the world, it has some features that could give you the edge you need during your emergency survival scenario. Visit to view the full specs on the SEAL Revolver.

3. The Full-Size Black KA-BAR, Serrated Edge

This knife is one bad dude. The KA-BAR name has long been associated with quality and craftsmanship. This knife features a full 7" clip-style bade with a short serrated section that makes cutting looped and synthetic materials a breeze. The knife comes with a Kraton handle, standard leather sheath, and a powdered metal butt cap. This knife is durable and will take care of you in most any heavy duty scenario. Visit to view the full specs.

4. Armageddon by TOPS Knives

The folks at TOPS Knives say, "When sh-t hits the fan... grab it if you can." Well, that's about all the info I needed to add this fixed blade knife to the list. However, let's look at some specs. The Armageddon is a cross between a "machete and a large camp or chopping knife." It features a 10.63-inch blade, and it's thick and heavy enough to handle some serious abuse. The sheath has a molle backing for easy attachment. While the Armageddon is not classified as a machete, it could certainly be used as one. Visit for more info and specs.

5. The Fixed Adamas by Benchmade

Nobody out there is going to talk down about the consistent quality that comes out of Benchmade. These guys know their stuff. This particular high-quality knife is a classic survival-style plain edge, drop point blade: it's one solid full tang knife, and the handle is wrapped in paracord. There are plenty of customization options on their site as well. Sweet customizations won't save your life in a survival scenario, but they might allow you to survive in style. Blade length on this bad boy is 4.20" and the overall knife length comes out to 9.03". Visit to view specs.