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The Outlaw is One of the Most Versatile Hunting Knives

The Outlaw could very well be one of the most versatile hunting knives on the market today! 

A little collaboration between Montana Wild and Behring Made has given us one awesome hunting knife, the Outlaw.

The Outlaw underwent two years of product testing and multiple different styles of prototypes before it took the shape it has today. The idea behind the knife was to create a hunting blade that was built simple and rugged so that there was no way it could possibly to let you down.

Take a look at the product video below to see for yourself.

No doubt about it, the Outlaw is one bad dude! It is built to last and stand up to the rigorous abuse that often takes place miles from your truck.

The knife is handmade by the experts at Behring Made where attention to detail and the use of high quality materials is as important to life as breathing.

If you would like to purchase one of these fantastic hunting knives, you can check out Montana Wild's site here.

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The Outlaw is One of the Most Versatile Hunting Knives