25 Cute Otter Puns for Your Significant Otter

Is there anything as cute as an otter? Part of the weasel family, there are 13 otter species in the world — from everybody's favorites river otters and sea otters to the lesser-known small-clawed otters, these semi-aquatic animals exhibit a range of amazing (and not to mention oh-so-cute!) behaviors.

There are good reasons why otters are everybody's favorite water-treading animal: These adorable aquatic mammals live everyday like it's Valentine's Day. They can often be seen holding hands with each other (ok, let's hear it: aww!), and mothers are constantly grooming their little otters.

That's why you know we can't do animal puns without doing otter puns. And there simply isn't a better way to say "I love you" to your significant other than these cute otter puns. So, bring on the otter nonsense...

25 otter-ly funny puns for your significant otter:

1. Why did the otter cross the road? To get to the otter side.

2. In otter news, I made a call to the zookeeper and she says that the pups are coming along swimmingly.

3. Why did the otter join NASA? She wanted to get to otter space.

4. What an otter's favorite wizard? Harry Otter.

5. Did you hear that some aquatic mammals escaped from the zoo? It was otter chaos!

6. What do you call an otter that just got glasses? A see otter.

7. What did the otter mom say to her pups? "I've had it up to here with your otter nonsense."

8. What does a shaved otter look like? Odder.

9. Where do otters keep their money? In a riverbank.

10. What do you call it when aquatic mammals steal cars? Grand theft otter.

11. What an otter's dream car? A Furrari.

12. Sometimes, you just have to turn the otter cheek.

13. What did the pup do when he got clam juice on his shirt? Wear the otter shirt.

14. What does the otter need when he committed a crime? An otterney.

15. What did it say on the otter mom's mother's day greeting card? "I otterly love you!"

16. What is the best animal to be on a cold day? A little otter.

17. What do you call an otter with a cold? A Snotter.

18. Where do otters like to relax? In the otter tub.

19. What type of cars do otters drive? Otter-mobiles.

20. The otter said to her significant otter: "don't forget to order that otter gift on Amazon!"

21. What did the weasel say to the badger? You should always be kind to otters.

22. How do otters like their toast? Otterly butterly.

23. What do you say when you see a famous otter? Can I have your ottergraph!

24. What did the otter mom say to the naughty pup? You otter be ashamed of yourself.

25. I get seals and other aquatic animals mixed up. I really otter know better.

Otters make the world go round with their love and oh-so-adorable hand-holding, and not to mention their otter cuteness! Just like these punny otter puns that made us LOL.