Oregon Man Carts Dead Deer and Empty Beer Cans Through Walmart, Promptly Gets Arrested

Here's a story you can find only at Walmart!

There really isn't a whole lot you CAN'T do at Walmart. Just look at the People of Walmart website if you don't believe us.

But, bringing in a deer carcass and then trying to shoplift beer is where the line is apparently drawn. Believe it or not, it happened back in 2017 in Roseburg, Oregon.

Jesse Canida is the man responsible for this latest bizarre headline. He had the deer and a bunch of empty beer cans in a cart when he entered the store at 12:20 p.m. Not surprisingly, police determined he was intoxicated.

He was arrested after attempting to conceal 24 oz beers among other items in his shopping cart.

Canida refused to give the beer back when loss prevention confronted him. Amazingly, he was only cited in the incident.

As crazy as it sounds, this isn't the first time a deer carcass has ended up at Walmart. Prior to this incident, two men wheeled a dead buck into a Virginia Walmart in a shopping cart.

It's still a mystery as to why those men brought the carcass into the store. There's also been the occasional live deer in the store. And don't forget the two who sprayed deer urine everywhere last November at an Oklahoma Walmart.

I don't know about you, but I'm at the point where nothing I see surprises me anymore once I walk through Walmart's doors!