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Two Morons Spray Deer Urine All Over Oklahoma Walmart

These hoodlums are a bit old to be doing this kind of nonsense – dousing toys and merchandise with deer pee.

Two men were arrested for causing over $2500 in damage to a Walmart in Oklahoma by spraying deer urine all over merchandise throughout the store.

The perpetrators, two men age 18 and 24, ruined toys, fabric and shoes before being apprehended in a shopping center parking lot across the street by the Owasso Police Department.

Here’s more from FOX23:

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They would have been much better off applying for a job in Walmart or using the deer urine to go out hunting in the woods. This shameful, childish act of damaging property with doe pee is really a sad situation that has grossed-out some customers.

Some who were interviewed said they trusted the store to ferret out the damaged merchandise and clean up the store. Others said they would not be returning to the store any time soon.

The two men charged in the incident were in the company of as many as six others at the time they were apprehended. None of the other men were charged, as the two suspects apparently admitted they were the only participants in this criminal activity.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time deer urine has been used in an abusive and destructive manner. Just last year in Church Hill, Tennessee, a few vandals put deer urine in a school air conditioning system, causing disruption to the school day and making some people sick.

Deer urine has been used in several school pranks over the past few years, but most of the participants were minors that received only school disciplinary actions. This case is being taken much more seriously as these adults can potentially be charged with a felony since the amount of damage is over $1000.

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Two Morons Spray Deer Urine All Over Oklahoma Walmart