Singing Cat Steals the Spotlight During Owner's Opera Practice

Cats are basically four-legged divas in little fur coats. When they want attention, they want it right away. If they're hungry, they expect to eat immediately. And when they don't want anything to do with you, it's best to back off! With all that attitude in such a small package, it's not surprising that a cat would steal the spotlight from their owner.

In a recent TikTok video shared by, a talented cat owner named Maura posted a video of herself singing opera. That is, until she was unceremoniously interrupted by some furry competition.

What a legend. #OperaCat #OperaSinger #catsoftiktok #bestsinger #talent #musictok

? original sound - maura music

The audition video was going beautifully, with Maura hitting every note. Then, her Persian cat Max jumped into the frame. She tried pushing the cat to the side, but this kitty wasn't willing to give up the spotlight. Max moved back to center screen and started loudly meowing, seemingly in an attempt to one-up his owner. The cat stared at the screen, eyes roaming back and forth, almost like he was reading notes. Viewers instantly fell in love with the musical feline.

"He's soo talented," one person commented. "It actually sounds good and in tempo and weirdly in and out of tune." Another agreed, writing that he's "really putting his little soul into it, OMG."

The cat certainly is talented. The best part is his prompt exit once he feels his point was made. End scene! In a follow-up video, Maura showcased Max's skills with a duet.

Warming up those vocal chords?#OperaCat #catsinger #catsoftiktok #musictok #operatok #catduet #catcomedy #OperaSinger

? original sound - maura music

She sang his name in different octaves—because what else would an opera singer do? Unsurprisingly, Max does not look amused by the exercise. He gives a few unappreciative meows throughout the clip, and we can practically hear what he's thinking: "Leave it to the professionals!"

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