two deer
Photo by Andy Crowley

One Shot and Two Deer for This Young Minnesota Girl

With a once-in-a-lifetime shot, this 11-year-old girl from Minnesota has bragging rights for the rest of her life.

Skyla Crowley was out hunting with her dad for only the second time in her life when she took her first-ever shot at a deer. But with just one shot, she managed to put two deer on the ground, according to Minnesota CBS local news.

Peering out from the blind, she aimed carefully at the 6-point buck from 30 yards away. She then squeezed the trigger on her 20-gauge shotgun.

It was a great shot. Clean and precise, dropping the buck on the spot. So precise, in fact, it dropped the doe behind it too! Skyla and her dad never saw the doe. Seeing the pair drop absolutely stunned the father and daughter.

"I stared at them for two minutes and I can't believe that happened," her father Andy said. "I'd never heard of it. It's possible it's happened before. We'll have a story for a lifetime."

Skyla put her tag on the buck, and her dad used his tag on the doe. It was a challenge to drag both deer out, but Skyla and her father couldn't be more excited.

What a story for Skyla's first hunt! Her dad says he plans to surprise Skyla with the antlers.

What's the best shot you've ever pulled off?