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Little Kid, Big Gun, Great Shot [VIDEO]

This young shooter takes a crack at shooting a high-powered rifle and makes a great shot.

Obviously, this is the kid’s first time shooting a gun this powerful. The man operating the camera tells him to “hang on tight,” and asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to stand up.

The little guy takes a pretty serious wallop from the big gun’s recoil, but puts the onlookers in their place by making a great shot and nailing the target.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Great shot!

I’m not sure what type of rifle the kid in the video was shooting, but it was definitely too powerful for him.

While introducing children or new shooters to the sport, mentors should strive to prevent this type of situation. Even though it’s a little funny for those watching, this kid may develop a permanent flinch after taking a single shot with a rifle too powerful for him to control.

Beginners should start with an air gun or .22 long rifle and gradually move up to more powerful guns to avoid bad habits that stem from shooting rifles with too much recoil.

Hopefully the young shooter in this video learned his lesson and opts for a lighter caliber when hunting season rolls around. That way, when a live animal presents an opportunity, he can make another great shot like the one in the video.

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Little Kid, Big Gun, Great Shot [VIDEO]