Watch Ollie the Good Boy Choose an Activity From His Special Jar

When it comes to weekend fun, dogs certainly shouldn't be excluded from the festivities. In fact, they deserve their own special time to kick back and have a blast! Just ask Ollie, the Labrador retriever who's famous for his weekend activity jar. Every week, the pooch can barely contain his excitement when it's time to choose a slip of paper from his jar and find out that day's special activity

Alex Morgan, Ollie's owner, always shares their weekend ritual on TikTok, where the series has become a fan-favorite among his adoring audience. With the fitting username of @good.boy.ollie, the popular pup has 3.6 million followers!


He loves his new flower ? #gardening #goodboy #labrador #dogsoftiktok

? Here Comes the Sun (The Sound of Birds in the Forest) - Francisco Malaga & Green Planet Studio

Ollie has a cast of friends that are often featured in his videos, like his beloved grandma "Nanny Biscuits," his BFF Paddington, and his favorite toy, a stuffed Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. In one adorable video, Ollie picks out "movie night" from his special jar. His first step is to make "pup-corn" and his tail wags in excitement as he watches his snack pop. "I'm cozy and I have my favorite toy," Ollie announces, dressed in a Perry costume while holding the matching toy in his mouth. It's no surprise that Ollie chose a Phineas and Ferb themed movie for his special night!


He only ever wants to watch the same movie ? #movienight #dog #labrador

? You've Got a Friend In Me - Cavetown

The good boy was so thrilled to see Perry in the movie that he started talking to the screen. At the end of the video, Ollie snuggled up with his human with droopy eyes and promised that he was just "resting his eyes." We've all heard that one before!


The best day ever! ?? #beachday #labrador #dog #dogsoftiktok #fyp

? Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

While Ollie enjoys cozy nights in, the adventurous pooch also loves excursions. One weekend, he took a trip to the beach to kick off Hot Dog Summer. Before heading to the surf, the responsible boy packed his own backpack with his favorite yellow hat, sunglasses, and of course, Perry! Ollie was the happiest beach boy ever as he played in the sand, bravely hopped over waves, and hung out with his friend, Hector. (Is it possible to be reincarnated as Ollie?) 


When should we do the next one? #fyp #mygrubclub #dogsoftiktok #labrador

? Funny Song - Cavendish Music

Dog owners are taking notes after watching Ollie's adorable weekend routine. "I love him so much and am inspired to give my dogs a new experience every week," wrote one fan. Pet parents can easily introduce this fun practice into their fur baby's life by making their own activity jars. "Write down a bunch of their favorite activities and chuck them in a pot," Morgan tells viewers. Visits to the pet store, fun games, play dates, or special treats are great ways to get started! Your dog can thank you later!

"Ollie's activity jar is always the highlight of my weekend," one user commented. The good boy's happiness is seriously infectious!

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