Footage From a Gathering of Introverted Dogs Is Hilariously Awkward

Some might wonder what happens when a pack of introverted dogs gets together. Do they play? Will any of them bark? Or would they all just stick with their humans? A group of dog owners in Sweden decided to find out, gathering a bunch of quiet, calm pooches together for an introverted dog meeting. The TikTok video posted by user @qilastiktok shows the dogs in the field. Some are standing. Others are sitting. A few just stare at their owners. We all know they're thinking, "Why are you making me do this?" For some of us, the clip is a cringe-worthy reminder of what our early school dances looked like. Everyone is scared to make the first move, and no one wants to draw any attention to themselves.

However, other viewers thought the scene perfectly represented how dogs should interact with one another; all the pups remained calm, polite, and unbothered by one another's existence. The video focuses in particular on one dog and its owner standing in the back by a tree. The dog stares at his human, wondering what he should do next, before wagging his tail, turning around, and looking at the other dogs.


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? Kinda awkward - ionics

Eventually, the pup checks in with a small white and brown dog, who had also been watching its owner. The pair cross paths as they head out to see who might want to say hi. However, their jaunt is short-lived, because none of the other dogs move. The comments that ensue from the TikTok universe are just as funny as the video itself.

One viewer says, "nobody knows what to say to get the conversation started." Another commented with laughing emojis, "All of them avoiding eye contact." One remark started its own mini conversation with more than 375 replies: "It's Reddit rl meetup." The other comments on the video range from the all too relatable "this could have been an email," to "good hang out, let's do it again next year." Clearly, introverted personalities span across species!

Which introverted dog do you relate to most? The eager-to-please brown and white pup, or the rest of them who just want this meet-up to be over?

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