Boisterous Pups: Why Dogs Do Not Get Tired of Barking

Ever wonder, do dogs get tired of barking? Here is a look at why a dog barks and how to prevent excessive barking.  

If your dog barks at every little movement outside your home, you may be wondering why your dog is barking in the first place. There are many reasons why a dog may bark from time to time. However, excessive barking is not seen as good behavior. As a dog owner, you may wonder why they bark, and do dogs ever get tired of barking?

Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dog's bark to get their owner's attention. Since they cannot talk, it is one of the ways they can communicate.  A common reason for them to bark is they are trying to let their pet owners know that they need something or something is out of place.

If a new car comes driving through the neighborhood or a new person walks by the house, your pooch will like start to bark, especially if you let your dog out in the yard alone. This kind of barking is normal dog behavior. If your dog starts to bark at your door, there may be a noise outside they do not recognize, or you may be getting a delivery.

Attention-Seeking Barking

If your dog is bored, they may be looking for additional attention from you. They may be wanting some playtime, and barking is their way of letting you know it is time to go outside. It is essential to take breaks throughout the day to provide your dog with mental stimulation. Interactive toys are also helpful for keeping your dog occupied throughout the day.

Barking Caused by Separation Anxiety

One of the behavioral issues that can cause prolonged barking is separation anxiety. Since dogs are pack animals, they like to have someone around. Being alone is not their first choice. Some small dog breeds, like chihuahua's, really do not like being left alone in their homes. All the space around them can feel very overwhelming. Having your dog go into a kennel while running errands or at work may give them a safe space that will make them feel more comfortable being alone. If that does not work, you can always send your pup to doggy daycare while you are out.  

Can Excessive Dog Barking Be Harmful?

Most pet owners want to stop their dogs from excessively barking because they do not want to upset their neighbors. However, too much barking can be harmful to your pup. While your dog may not get tired of barking, it can get a sore throat. Barking all day long irritates your dog's vocal cord and likely your neighbor's nerves. If your pup barks enough, they will inflame their larynx and require a visit to see your vet.

Dog Training Tips For Barking

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If your dog is barking for long periods, it becomes known as excessive barking. Working with a dog trainer may help to curb the behavior. If you have a hyper dog, you may need to work with a behaviorist to find solutions that will help your pooch settle down and stop barking so much throughout the day.

If you are attempting to train your pup at home, the Humane Society has a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Have patience with your dog and approach the training calmy
  • Teach your dog a quiet command
  • Provide plenty of playtime; a tired dog won't bark
  • Use plenty of positive reinforcement 
  • Be consistent training methods
  • Remove barking temptations
  • Provide socialization to limit barking at other dogs

Another way to get your dog to be tired of barking is to use products specifically design to either comfort or inhibit their behavior.

NBJU Bark Collar for Dog, Rechargeable Anti-Barking Training Collar

Understandably, many pet owners may have an aversion to devices like shock collars being used on their dogs. But technology has brought them a long way. Collars like this one are meant to be used in conjunction with training. The Anti-Barking Training Collar has seven different sensitivity levels and can even just beep or vibrate. The technologically advanced collar even has 64 kinds of training methods to help you and your pup find the right mix. If you do not want to use the shock function, it even comes with silicone sleeves to shield your pup's skin from electric shock.

ITBAZ Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs

If you lean more towards all-natural or medicinal methods, these hemp-based chews are literally a chill pill for your pup's anxiety or destructive behavior. The duck flavored treats contain L-Tryptophan, Chamomile, and Valerian Root, among other natural herbs, to reduce hyperactive behaviors like barking and scratching.

ThunderShirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

Sometimes all it takes to relax a pup is a friendly warm hug, or in this case, hug adjacent. The Thundershirt is designed to hit all their pressure points to maintain calm despite what may be going on around your dog. If their barking is triggered by separation anxiety, a jacket like the Thundershirt may provide the perfect amount of comfort to ease your pup's fears.

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