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The Oldest Lighthouse in the U.S. is Turning 300!


The original Boston Light dates back to 1716!

Nothing says nautical quite like a lighthouse. And Boston Light on Massachusetts’ Little Brewster Island is an especially notable one. This historic light has just turned 300 years old.

Check out the video for a quick tour of this historic piece of navigation history.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Boston Light is just the fact that it still has someone staffed on site. So many lights still in working order are fully automated these days. An entire way of life was lost once these places didn’t need someone on staff 24/7 to keep things going.

The structure on the island right now isn’t the original light. If you’re wondering what happened to the original, it was blown up by the British during the Revolutionary War. That was after they’d already burnt the tower twice by the way.

The tower on site now dates back to 1783 when it was rebuilt.  It’s good to see this piece of history preserved for future generations.

Happy birthday Boston Light!


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The Oldest Lighthouse in the U.S. is Turning 300!