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Oklahoma Tornado Rips Through Town as Storm Chaser Moves Closer to Nature's Wrath

This storm chaser got a tad too close to this raging Oklahoma tornado.

When it comes to severe weather, perhaps nothing is more frightening than a tornado. Unlike hurricanes, a tornado is extremely unpredictable. The National Weather Service often has only minutes to get out tornado warnings to the public before one of the storms hits. That leaves very little time to get to a storm shelter. When they do hit, the destruction to homes and businesses can be nothing short of pure devastation.

To better understand the kind of raw power these storms have, storm chasers travel all through tornado alley every spring documenting and recording new data on this natural phenomenon.

Today's video comes to us from Southern Oklahoma. This storm chaser was in the right place at the right time to record a tornado ripping through the town of Madill. This may look like a scene out of the movie "Twister," but it is frighteningly real.

Tornado alley is an area much more prone to these types of severe storms than other parts of the country. It includes parts of Northern Texas and extends North as far as Iowa and South Dakota. This tornado was part of a greater outbreak in 2020 that affected parts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri. The town of Madill is located a little over 100 miles South of Norman and Oklahoma City. A prime area for severe thunderstorms and tornadic activity every spring. Much to the chagrin of many Oklahomans. This tornado hit quickly and claimed at least two lives before it vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

We knew the storm in this video was bad when the satellite dishes started ripping off that tall antenna and the power lines started sparking. What is even more frightening is the fact that this tornado only rated an EF 2 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale that measures the strength of tornadoes. This twister was one of the more well-documented twisters of the outbreak which meteorologists followed live on the Weather Channel. Others filmed and posted footage of the twister to social media.

It was but one of at least nine tornadoes confirmed by the NWS to hit the Sooner State that day. At least three of those hit Marshall County. This footage is a good reminder to always be mindful of the weather in the spring. And to pay attention when a storm prediction center puts out tornado watches. Because even a weak tornado can unleash incredible destruction.

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