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The Time a Dumb Deer Poacher Confessed to a Game Warden Via a Dating App

This poacher got a court date from a dating app!

In a definite contender for "funniest dumb poacher story ever," an Oklahoma woman unwittingly confessed her wildlife crime to a game warden via a dating app. This hilarious incident happened back in 2019 and was a first of its kind by all accounts.

McIntosh County Game Warden Cannon Harrison unexpectedly found his professional and private life intertwined when the unnamed woman he was chatting with on a dating app called Bumble began bragging about having just shot a "bigo buck." The woman was obviously unaware of Harrison's chosen profession.

When Harrison subtly pressed her for details on the deer hunt, she suspiciously responded with "Well we don't need to talk about that."

Screen shots of the conversation posted by the wardens on their Facebook page revealed it was amazingly easy to get her to admit her wildlife crime.

As soon as Harrison asked her about spotlighting the animal, she responded "Yeahhhh."

To his credit, Harrison even got the woman to send him photos of the deer and admit where it was shot. Judging from the photos, she obviously doesn't realize what constitutes a "bigo buck" either. What makes this bust even funnier is the fact that the Bumble app requires the woman to reach out first. This means she unwittingly chose to confess to the warden! Harrison became something of a celebrity in the world of the game wardens for this case. He was later interviewed by Tulsa World News about the incident.

"I've spoken with several wardens across the nation and this seems to be the first of its kind," Harrison said.

She likely got quite the surprise later when wardens showed up to her home to further question her about the case. The unnamed woman pleaded guilty and paid fines of $2,400 in the case. As far as we know, a second date never happened.

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