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And October's Moron(s) of the Month Award Goes To...

elk goring
St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Kent Burgess

Because getting gored should only happen during the running of the bulls... in Spain.

We've highlighted a wide range of morons over the last little while here at Wide Open Spaces, from the guy who thought it'd be cool to wrestle an 11-point buck to the fella who figured he'd get his kicks from dressing up as a T-Rex to play paddy-cake with a full grown alligator.

Over the last two weeks, a pair of women have been gored at Lone Elk Park in St. Louis County, Missouri while attempting to take selfies with the rutting elk - the most recent on October 11. Definitely unfortunate, but get this: numerous signs posted throughout the park state "Aboslutely Do Not Approach The Elk!" They also say to keep a distance of 100 feet from all animals. Apparently some people can't read.

The latest 'selfie gone wrong' led to a woman being gored in the arm. The first left a hole in a woman's back.

Here are the details on this story:

Let me cut straight to the chase: taking a selfie with a wild animal, a practice which seems to be ramping up with increased frequency as of late, is akin to a game of Russian roulette. Eventually your luck will run out, and when it does, the results can be deadly (and 100% preventable.) Luckily that wasn't the case in these two instances, but it could easily have been.

Save the selfies for famous landmarks and birthday parties. Wild animals are unpredictable at the best of times, certainly more so during the rut. This wasn't a petting zoo, people.


And October's Moron(s) of the Month Award Goes To...