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Nothing Eats a Pufferfish, Right? Wrong!

puffer fish

The pufferfish is known as a highly toxic creature.

Many parts of it could kill you, but that doesn’t stop the diner in this video.

The pufferfish is considered a delicacy in some Asian countries. However, the chef has to know what he or she is doing.

The meat is said to be delicious, but the internal organs and even the skin can be poisonous.

Heck, even underdone meat from the fish can be toxic.

How toxic? Try complete muscle paralysis, including the diaphragm.

Just catching a pufferfish can be a challenge because of its defense mechanism. If it can’t swim away, it fills its elastic stomach with water until it blows up like a balloon. And it’s covered with spikes.

All around, this is not a fish most would want to deal with. Tell that to the eel in the video.

It chomps down, not caring about the inflated, spiky critter wriggling in its mouth. Toxins? Doesn’t matter to it.

It sucks the fish down in one gulp.

Now, that pufferfish might have been a non-toxic variety. Also, we don’t see how the eel is feeling after its meal.

Whatever the case, nothing was going to keep that eel from its dinner.



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Nothing Eats a Pufferfish, Right? Wrong!