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Hawaiian Divers Pet Friendly Pufferfish Underwater

The porcupine pufferfish: it doesn’t sound like a creature you’d like to come into contact with while scuba diving.

Actually, encountering these little pufferfish is a fun, cute experience, as the divers in the following video found out during a shallow-water dive off Oahu.

There are quite a few cute, funny moments during this video, like when a few divers head back to the surface, and it seems as though the little puffer is following them. The sequence of the diver is scratching the puffer’s head is pretty sweet, as it looks like the fish is nuzzling into his hand like a dog or cat.

According to the YouTube description, divers often see porcupine pufferfish on shallow dives in the waters off Oahu. So, vacationers in Hawaii looking for a scratch and snuggle might look into a dive experience, though one could imagine this kind of loving affection from the puffer is a fairly rare experience.

However, if more underwater videos like this one surface, we might have to start considering the pufferfish the kitten of the sea as the seal is most definitely the dog of the sea. Any little creature that likes humans is fine by us, too.

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Hawaiian Divers Pet Friendly Pufferfish Underwater