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Kind Scuba Diver Gives Pufferfish a Helping Hand

After seeing a pufferfish in distress, a helpful diver swam over for the assist in removing a hook.

Seeing any animal in distress or danger triggers an instinct to help in many people. We have all seen videos of a dog or deer being rescued from thin ice and other similar animal rescue videos. That instinct to help sometimes even gets people to put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of the animal.

Check out the underwater video below to see a diver help a pufferfish by removing a hook stuck in the creature’s mouth.

It took a pretty long time for the diver to finally dislodge the hook and it was a good thing the fish didn’t use its ability to puff itself up. Once he finally freed the pufferfish, it quickly waved its fins and swam off into the distance. Being rid of the hook undoubtedly gave the pufferfish a much better chance at survival in the oftentimes unforgiving depths of the ocean.

This video might not be amazing enough to inspire Pixar’s next underwater movie, but it is still a great little display of man helping animal. Kudos to that diver for lending a helping hand.


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Kind Scuba Diver Gives Pufferfish a Helping Hand