Man Slits Throat, Kills Family’s Golden Retriever and Receives NO Charges

No charges? Wow.

Letting your dog free-roam the neighborhood is a bad idea. Not everyone enjoys dogs running up to them whether they're friendly or not. I know that this is impossible to imagine as any dog that runs up to say hello is my new bestie.

Also, it is the owner's fault if something happens while their best friend is out running around without supervision. Although in this case, I think the outcome is shocking and unfair. Here's what happened to a family dog in Georgia.

Police told Atlanta's WSB-TV, "that no one will be charged after a man reportedly killed a dog. The man who pulled a knife on the pet said he felt threatened, authorities said."

So no one will be charged and that's the headline. Nala was a six-year-old Golden Retriever and a man felt threatened by her when she ran up to him. The man said she charged him previously so this was the second time something like this had happened.

The man slit the dog's throat with a knife and left her to die.

WSB-TV reported that the man kept on walking after he killed her. Before he took out his knife he said,

"He held his hand out and told the dog to stop."

Nala's three puppies are now without their mother. She was in the garage with her puppies and the door was cracked before she ran out towards the man that killed her.

WBSTV also tells us that since the dog was off its leash there is nothing they can do.

"Animal control officials said their hands are tied since the dog was off its leash, no matter if the family said their golden retriever has never hurt anyone."

We are very sad to hear about this and we honestly hate this story! Nala's owner must have been horrified to find her lying there. I understand the man said Nala had attacked him once before but this man pulled a knife out! It was also said this man didn't have any bite marks or apparent injuries. Now we have a dead dog and a family's Golden Retriever will not be able to care for her puppies. All dog owners are just devastated to hear about this sad ending.

We are happy to see the Tweet on social media from the owner and glad it's trending. This dog didn't need to die.

What do you think about no charges? Please leave a comment below. 

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