Nikola Motor Co. Chooses Phoenix for Its $1 Billion Truck Plant

Phoenix is Nikola's new truck plant location. 

Nikola Motor Co. says it will begin producing its hydrogen-powered trucks in Phoenix by 2024.

The company will build two semi truck models at the 1 million square-foot plant and says it already has orders for 8,000 trucks.

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The Nikola One includes a sleeper a cab, while the Nikola Two will be a regular cab.

Meanwhile, during the factory's construction, up to 5,000 Nikola trucks will be built at Fitzgerald Gliders in Crossville, Tennessee.

Nikola's trucks will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells that will produce electricity to run the truck's 1,000 hp, 2,000 lb-lb-ft of torque motors. The fuel cells will allow a predicted 1,200 miles of travel on a single fill-up of hydrogen.

Nikola plans to lease its trucks with fuel included in the as-yet unannounced cost. To supply hydrogen to drivers, Nikola also plans a nationwide network of 376 hydrogen fueling sites.

Construction on the new plant is set to begin sometime next year.


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