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New York DEC Posts 2017-2018 Waterfowl Hunting Dates

New York State releases 2017-2018 waterfowl hunting dates so that you can start planning your adventures in the field and on the marsh this coming fall.

The Department of Environmental Conservation released waterfowl season dates on the 12 May. Based on research and hunter input the State strikes a balance between conservation and hunting, tailoring regulations and dates to maintain healthy populations.

New York State understands the importance of conservation and also the important link hunting revenue plays in supporting it and local economies. DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos had this to say about the coming season:

"New York takes great pride in using the best available science and input from hunters to establish the state's annual waterfowl management seasons to provide hunting opportunities across the state from September to April. I applaud the work of this team of volunteers and DEC biologists to establish these seasons in order to maximize opportunities for hunters and grow this economically important recreation."

For duck open season, here are the dates for each zone:

Northeastern Zone - Oct. 7

Southeastern Zone - Oct. 7

Lake Champlain Zone - Oct. 11

Western Zone - Oct. 28

Long Island Zone - Nov. 23

Youth Hunting with a mentor

The DEC has also released the youth mentored hunting dates for the season. Youth mentored hunting allows an adult hunter to take a youth on a waterfowl hunt and the youth is allowed to carry a firearm while the adult is not. Both participants must have duck stamps and register for the program. Mentored hunting is an important tool to keep hunter numbers strong in the coming years.

Youth mentored hunting dates are the following:

Southeastern Zone - Sept. 16-17

Northeastern Zone - Sept. 23-24

Lake Champlain Zone - Sept. 23-24

Western Zone - Oct. 14-15

Long Island Zone - Nov. 11-12

Goose and Brant season dates and details:

Canada goose season kicks-off September 1st in upstate New York and September 5th for central and in eastern Long Island. Resident goose numbers remain robust at approximately 240,000 and hunters can look forward to 50 or more days of hunting geese dependant on the area.

Goose hunters should always carefully check regulations with each zone as dates can and will vary for opening and closing goose hunting dates.

Snow geese will also fall under a special conservation hunt in upstate New York from 16 January to 15 April with a daily limit of 25 birds. These hunts play an important management function as these overabundant birds can have serious effects on newly planted crops and farmland. Electronic calls and shotguns that can take more than three shells can be used for hunting snow geese as long as it is outside other waterfowl hunting dates.

Bird Banding Reporting Changes for 2017

There will no longer be a phone number to call for reporting bands as due to high costs and technical issues, such as dropped calls, this service is being discontinued. Hunters will be able to go online to report bands at this link.

New York waterfowlers and hunters from out of state can look forward to a long and well managed waterfowl hunting season this fall and winter.