This Duck Hunting Adventure Captures the Importance of Family

A duck hunting adventure is all the better when a son and dad reunite over the tradition of waterfowling.

Midwest Flyways takes you on a duck hunting adventure, and depicts the return of a father to the marsh after a seven year hiatus to hunt with his son.

It is inspiring to see a father return to duck hunting after a long break and to see his son has mastered the art. In so many cases, it is our parents who get us involved in fishing and hunting, but sometimes over the years jobs and life can take people away from their outdoor pursuits. In this case, a son brings his father back to the marsh and he realizes how important it still is to his life.

Truly the traditions taught by our parents can continue on through the generations, and this is a key part of keeping it going year after year. With dwindling numbers of hunters in many areas it is more important than ever to keep involving people in the sport. Most of conservation funding and projects are resourced by anglers and hunters across the U.S. and Canada.

Keep that in mind the next time you think about skipping a hunting season because of a lack of time.