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USA vs. Canada: Bald Eagle and Canada Goose Battle It Out

Lisa Bell

This has all the makings of a monumental match! Who do you think takes the belt - the goose or the eagle?

Having your camera handy can definitely pay off when nature works its wonder in front of you. In the case of amateur photographer Lisa Bell, of Browser, B.C., she was able to capture the rare encounter between a bald eagle and Canada goose - while they battled it out in a life or death struggle.

While vacationing at a resort with her family, Bell happened to catch the moment when a bald eagle landed atop a Canada goose. With quick thinking, she grabbed her camera and began clicking away.


According to Bell, the goose basically played possum - going lifeless in hopes of deterring the attack. The tables turned quickly, however, as when the eagle went to adjust itself, the goose was able to break free.


The goose then made a hasty retreat to the safety of a nearby pond, with the swooping eagle hot on its tail.


Luck was on the side of the goose this day and the eagle flew off with its tail between its legs.

It is not unusual for eagles to prey on other birds, especially if they have young mouths to feed, but it is rather rare to capture the battle so candidly with a camera.

Think this eagle will have second thoughts about bullying around a goose again?

Photos: Lisa Bell


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USA vs. Canada: Bald Eagle and Canada Goose Battle It Out