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Is This the New Way to Fish with Chicken Livers?

There are many way to fish with chicken livers, but you've probably never done it like this before.

There are many kinds of catfish bait out there, but chicken livers are one of the best choices. Learn how to use this bait effectively with a new tool that make it even easier.

As you can see using Big Vic's Bait Netting with chicken livers for catfishing is effective and simple. The unique tubular elastic netting helps to keep the chicken liver on the hook so there's not a huge bloody mess at the end of your hook.

Demonstrated in the video was the fast method for using this netting. All you have to do is section out the netting and tie a knot in it. Then place the chicken liver into the netting, trim the tag ends, and tie another knot to secure the bait. Consider checking out this product before your next catfishing adventure to make using chicken livers easy.




Is This the New Way to Fish with Chicken Livers?