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Would You Ever Make Fish Tacos with Catfish?

Making fish tacos with catfish seems like an unlikely option, but it’s these anglers’ first choice.

After using a size 4 spring treble hook to catch a lunker, these guys are going to make excellent fish tacos with catfish.

Watch as they take you through all the steps by cleaning and cooking the catfish for taco time!

According to these anglers, the catfish weighed about ten pounds, and as you just saw, it yielded them two nice fillets. Did you see how they hung the catfish for skinning? All they needed was a nail to secure it to the tree, making skinning and filleting this catfish no problem.

First, they seasoned the fillets with garlic powder, salt, and pepper, then they covers them with eggs before breading them in the bread crumbs. The next step is to heat up the peanut oil to 35o degrees. After just a few minutes in the boiling oil, the catfish was done.

Depending on what you like, bring lettuce, cheese, and any other toppings to make fish tacos with catfish next time you catch one of these tasty fish.


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Would You Ever Make Fish Tacos with Catfish?