Sitka Gear ESW System

New Sitka Gear ESW System Designed for Warm-Weather Hunting

Sitka Gear's new Early Season Whitetail system is keeping whitetail hunters cool in the midst of heart-pumping action.

Early season is one of the best times to harvest a mature buck. Deer are often still following their summer patterns, going from bed to food and back. Hunters haven't stirred them up just yet, and most of them will still show themselves during daylight hours.

Hunting the early season can be hot, sweaty and uncomfortable for many hunters, especially bowhunters. For most, early hunting season begins in middle-to-late September when temperatures will still regularly reach 80-90 degrees. This is where the new Early Season Whitetail line from Sitka Gear will really help out.

The ESW line from Sitka Gear is a warm-weather system ideal for those battling the heat. to get after the whitetail deer. It's the lightest line of clothing Sitka Gear has created in the whitetail system. Designed for maximum breathability, stealth and odor control, this is every early-season bowhunter's dream.

"For the early season, it was important to design something that not only allows for quiet movement in the stand, but also maximizes breathability and odor control," said SITKA Gear's Whitetail Product Manager Chris Derrick. "In addition to lightweight fabrics and body mapped mesh ventilation, we add Polygiene® odor control to prevent the build-up of odor on the garments, significantly reducing the odor profile."

The ESW System features a four-way stretch polyester fabric, it's basically like wearing workout gear that wicks away moisture and attacks your odor. The entire ESW system features a shirt, pants, a hat and gloves. The ESW Glove is ideal for bowhunters, sporting a reinforced, exposed thumb and forefinger for precise shooting. Each item offers mobility, stealth and breathability to keep you cool during the moments that make you sweat the most.

ESW system comes in the GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Elevated II™ pattern, which will keep you practically invisible when hunting from a treestand. The ESW System is also effective for layering, as you can wear it on its own in warmer weather, or as a base layer without restricting movement when temperatures drop.

You can get the entire ESW System for under $400 and have hunting clothing that truly makes you more versatile. To see more on the new ESW line, be sure to visit Sitka Gears website.

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