Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Field & Stream

Jason Aldean Hid Two VIP Concert Tickets in Field & Stream Store


As a Field & Stream brand ambassador, Jason Aldean continues to merge the outdoors and country music industries.

Jason Aldean isn't just another country artist who dresses the part and rakes in the cash. He's a genuine heartlander whose overwhelming success only made him more likable.

While many celebrities tend to slip down that mainstream, sellout slope, Aldean seemingly digs his boots deeper into the mud. Not only has the Georgia native maintained an absurdly large following since taking off in 2005, but he's also masterfully doubled down on what he loves in the process.

As a brand ambassador for Field & Stream and one of the owners of a hunting company called "Buck Commander," it's safe to say he uses his free time to keep his roots in the dirt.

So, it's only fitting that he'd hide two VIP concert tickets to his show in Atlanta at a nearby Field & Stream store, right?

Once the two lucky fans found the tickets, Aldean was there to congratulate them with a surprise meet and greet!

"I've been in Nashville for 20 years, but Georgia will always be home," Aldean said. "So any time I get the chance to do stuff like that for the communities here in Georgia, it's always a special thing for me. It's a cool way to give back to everybody."

The two lucky girls received VIP access to his concert at SunTrust Park, the home of Aldean's beloved Atlanta Braves. The VIP access even included an exclusive invite to an acoustic show before the concert.

Since Aldean started with Field & Stream back in 2016, working as a brand ambassador has been more of a hobby than a job.

"It's always been a natural fit," Aldean said. "I love hunting, fishing and the outdoors. It's cool to be involved (with something) that's actually one of your interests. You're not just doing it to do it; it's something that you do anyway. It makes it really easy to promote (Field & Stream gear) when you actually like it."

He doesn't split time between his career and his passion for the outdoors, though. The two industries generally overlap anyways, but for Aldean, the two worlds couldn't exist without one another.

In fact, one of the other owners of Buck Commander is his fellow country music star and close friend, Luke Bryan.

"Luke and I probably talk about (hunting) more than our music careers to be honest," he said. "We send each other pictures of deer we have on our property or fish we caught. If we're down in Florida, we may go out fishing together, and it's the same if we're in Nashville. Our lives revolve around music pretty much, so for us, it's kind of nice sometimes to be able to step away from those things and not worry about it for a while."

Aldean and Bryan own Buck Commander in partnership with former MLB players Adam LaRoche, Tombo Martin and Ryan Langerhans, as well as Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty." And, even though they're the only two country singers within the "Buckmen" group, country music is often hard to evade at deer camp. Aldean admits he and Bryan always end up breaking out a guitar at some point on every hunting trip.

"I'm a big Hank Jr. fan," he said. "It seems like when Luke and I pick up guitars and start playing, 'Country Boys Can Survive' is the song we always play."

Aldean is currently nearing the halfway point of his "High Moon Neon Tour," stopping in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, next. While he has a busy schedule coming up, you can be sure he'll be making the most of his time in between shows!