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New Revo EXD Reel From Abu Garcia is Ready to Go the Distance

We got to see the the brand new Abu Garcia Revo EXD at ICAST 2019.

There's plenty of ways to enhance and improve a fishing reel, and Abu Garcia capitalizes on their longevity and expertise regularly with new releases.

Since the fishing community was gathered in Orlando for the 2019 ICAST Show, it was the perfect time to show off the newest from the Revo line of low profile baitcast reels, the EXD.

The main draw of the EXD is its long distance casting capabilities. It has nine stainless steel HPCR bearings, two EXD bearings on the spool shaft, and two interchangeable spools made of lightweight duraluminum. Swapping between the two spools will let you toggle between maximum distance performance and a more finesse-leaning setup.

In other words, the variety of lures and weights you can easily adjust the same reel to handle has widened considerably.

For those fishing from the shore, the EXD ought to give you a bigger amount of space to cover with the distance improvements alone.

The buzz around this reel kicked off early at ICAST with a special Abu Garcia event, pitting several pro anglers against each other in a friendly casting competition. Apparently, 100-yard casts weren't an exaggeration.

The Revo EXD will be available soon on Abu Garcia's website and retailers around the country.



New Revo EXD Reel From Abu Garcia is Ready to Go the Distance