New Minnesota State Record Northern Pike

A young lady just caught the new Minnesota catch-and-release northern pike state record on Mille Lacs Lake, and it was a certifiable hog.

Maddy Ogg is a young woman who knows how to fish. As evidence of her angling prowess, Ogg recently claimed the top spot in the Minnesota record book by catching and releasing the new state-record northern pike.

Ogg, who's also a member of the Women Anglers of Minnesota group, was fishing on Mille Lacs Lake when she hooked the pike. As you can see from the image, the fish was a fat-bellied tank that measured 43.5 inches in length.

Ogg described her day on Mille Lacs as cold and windy, but that didn't discourage her or her angling companions. They got an early start and were soon on fish.

"On the way to the lake that morning, we saw eight bald eagles, and shortly after we started fishing, we landed a double," Ogg said. "I knew it was going to be a good day of fishing."

The group was trolling weed edges in 12 feet of water when the pike hit. The big fish began furiously swimming toward Ogg, rather than fighting away from her.

"I had to reel fast because the fish swam towards the boat, causing nearly constant slack in the line," she said.

Ogg and her fishing mates measured the fish and took some photos before releasing it back into the cold lake water.

It's nice that the state's new catch-and-release northern pike record is a big fish. But, the Minnesota DNR indicates that Mille Lacs Lake is a big-fish lake. Pike from the lake can reportedly reach the high 40-inch mark and weigh over 20 pounds. They expect Ogg's record to be broken sooner than later.

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