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Exuberant Swedish Brothers Catch Monster Northern Pike [VIDEO]

The joy of fishing is one of those universal “languages” and this exuberant video of two young brothers catching a monster pike proves it.

Jonathan and Joel Salomonsson are two brothers, 15 and 16 years old, living in Sweden. They are also hardcore fishermen who, according to the translated text of their YouTube video, had both their dreams come true when they caught an absolute monster northern pike.

There are a few words and phrases that our non-Swedish ears can pick out of this incredibly real video. There’s the first excited and incredulous curse that Jonathan shouts a few times upon first seeing the giant northern pike at the end of his line.

A little later “Oh my god!” is repeated several times. And I think the word “monster!” is uttered more than twice after they get the big pike into the boat and are actually holding it.

But other than those few moments, everything else is Greek – or Swedish – to American ears. It doesn’t matter. We pretty well know what these two excited young men are shouting to each other. The same things all anglers shout and say when the fish of a lifetime is on the line.

I love fishing videos like this one. It’s pure joy, fear, hope, adrenaline, excited babbling and unabated emotion. And my word, what a fish!

As the boys holler words of, I assume, support to one another, we can hear the giant pike peeling line from the reel. And every time they catch a glimpse of the beast at the surface of the water the shouts and panicked breathing increase in volume and frequency. Jonathan and Joel definitely have a wicked case of buck fever (pike fever?).

When Joel lifts the pike into the boat the excitement starts all over again. Even as Jonathan struggles to lift the 31-plus-pound, 48.42-inch long pike, he seems unbelieving that he’s actually holding a pike this huge.

This is the kind of video that makes you smile and laugh, and root for these two young anglers in their herculean struggle to win their battle with the fish. It’s definitely in the running for best amateur fishing video of the year in my book.

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Exuberant Swedish Brothers Catch Monster Northern Pike [VIDEO]