Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

New Gear Guide: Berkley Expands PowerBait MaxScent Line

Look for eight new shapes and sizes in the Berkley PowerBait MaxScent line this fall.

There's no denying the effectiveness of soft baits in the Berkley PowerBait portfolio.

With the release of Berkley PowerBait MaxScent in 2017, anglers watched catch rates increase significantly. In fact, studies show 45 percent more fish compared to the original PowerBait formula.

This new spin on an old product produces a super-charged scent field that fish find irresistible, due in part to a revolutionary all-new material. This ultra-realistic texture not only excels at releasing scent, but also has an attractive consistency that fish won't let go of. This equates to more hook-ups.

Fresh this fall are eight new shapes in the Berkley PowerBait MaxScent lineup. Judging from the fish-catching characteristics of the current offerings, these new soft baits are sure to turn heads for both anglers and fish alike.

Here are the eight new baits:

Power Chunk 3.25-Inch



Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Critter Hawg 4-Inch

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Flat Worm 4-Inch

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

The General 4-Inch & 6-Inch

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Flatnose Jerk Shad 5-Inch

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Lizard 6-Inch

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

Hit Worm Magnum 7-Inch

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

These eight new releases join the current cast, which includes The General 5-Inch, D-Worm 5.5-Inch, Hit Worm 4.5-Inch, Lunch Worm 6-Inch, Kingtail 8-Inch, Flatnose Minnow 4-Inch, Meaty Chunk 3-Inch, and the Creature Hawg 4-Inch.

The new Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Flat Worm 4-Inch is already garnering awesome attention, as both Josh Bertrand and Justin Lucas used the yet-released bait to finish first and second respectively in the recent Bassmaster Elite tournament on the St. Lawrence River.

The Flat Worm was Bertrand's primary finesse presentation bait, rigged on a dropshot, for the first three days of competition. This one bait made all the difference in taking the title and a $100,000 check.

Closer to home, the new Berkley PowerBait Maxscent The General 6-Inch was responsible for my own big fish of the season, a 4-pound, 5-ounce largemouth bass. I was fortunate to get my hands on some of these soft plastic stick baits to field test, and this big girl certainly made a believer out of me.

Berkley PowerBait MaxScent

With the addition of the new shapes and sizes, the total PowerBait MaxScent family will now include 13 shapes, 16 sizes and 47 forage inspired colors.

The MSRP for all soft plastics in the Berkley PowerBait MaxScent line is $6.99 (US).

Look for the eight new Berkley PowerBait MaxScent shapes and sizes in September.

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