You Never Know What Direction The Hogs Will Come From When You Start Hog Calling

You Never Know What Direction the Hogs Will Come From When You Start Hog Calling

Don't forget to look behind you when you're hog calling. Sometimes a big boar will come in from the place you least expect!

You never know what will happen when you start hog calling. Sometimes a big group of hogs will charge towards you out of the woods. It's also possible that a couple of coyotes might respond. You might also get a big boar that comes in from a completely unexpected direction.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

As they stated at the end of the video, they called from another stand for a few minutes before moving a couple hundred yards to a new stand where they hoped to call in a couple of hogs that were bedded down in thick timber. It's possible that the big boar they shot was coming in to their first stand, but didn't make it there until after they left.

In any case, make sure you look over your shoulder every now and then when you're hog calling because hogs can come from literally anywhere. While it's more likely that the boar would have spotted them and just ran away if they didn't notice it, things could have potentially gotten really interesting if that boar moved much closer.

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