Nemo camping gear

Nemo's New Product Line Has Everything You Need for Camping

Nemo didn't hold back for 2019, covering every camping necessity with its new product line.

Generally when the new year rolls around, brands will introduce one or two new products that add a new look to their lineups. But it's usually just one or two.

Nemo Equipment, Inc. went all in on its camping gear this year, coming out with new sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents, tent stakes, insulated blankets and a new camp hammer.

Of all the new Nemo equipment, the sleeping pads may be making the biggest waves throughout the industry. Introducing eight new products, Nemo's line of sleeping bags seemingly checks all the boxes.

Sleeping Pads

Each pad features Nemo's patent-pending, zero-profile Laylow valves, which make inflation easier so you can set firmness to your preference. Nemo designed the valve to be as discrete as possible, so it's never in the way or poking you while you sleep.

Additionally, several of the ultralight pads feature Vortex, Nemo's efficient, high-capacity pump sack.

However, if you're willing to sacrifice some of the lightweight advantages, the Cosmo 3D uses body-mapped baffles to cradle sleepers, keeping them from rolling off their pad while sleeping.

Sleeping Bags & Quilts

The new line of sleeping bags aimed to offer a superior alternative to down in both compressibility and weight with its synthetic FeatherCore technology.

It also included a new, improved line of mummy bags for both men and women, all of which offer a warmer, more secure fit by using thermally efficient patterning.

Then, rather than introducing a completely new line of quilts, Nemo decided to refine its line of quilts by stripping off extras to decrease overall weight without sacrificing warmth or comfort.


Nemo introduced a number of different features to their tent lineup this year. But perhaps the most significant is the addition of the patent-pending Flybar to the Hornet and the Hornet Elite, which gives campers four times as much headroom.

The outdoor retailer also introduced a new, modern-looking two-person tent. The new Rocket ultralight tent dons an A-Frame look, which offers campers an unrivaled amount of usable room, while only weight a mere 22 ounces.

Each of these water-resistant Nemo tents is designed to serve any purpose, whether you're looking for a mountaineering tent, a backpacking tent or just something that'll last a long time.

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