Navy Seal

Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Shares More Thoughts on Hollywood Portrayals of Combat Scenes

Jocko Willink breaks down more war scenes from famous movies.

There is no shortage of war movies out there and unsurprisingly, filmmakers do not always get all the details of what combat is like correctly. Any veterans reading this already know that, but for the rest of us, it can be eye-opening to find out what parts of famous war movies are realistic and those that are complete Hollywood make-believe.

A few months ago, we shared with you a video from the GQ series "The Breakdown" in which experts in many fields look at movies and critique what the filmmakers got right and what they got wrong.

Well, GQ brought back retired U.S. Navy Seal Jocko Willink, who is seriously one of the most imposing-looking soldiers we have ever seen, to break down more famous war movie scenes. Today he breaks down "Saving Private Ryan," "Apocalypse Now," "G.I. Jane" and "Navy Seals." It is fascinating to hear his thoughts.

We were most surprised to hear the lingo being thrown around in "Navy Seals" was mostly accurate. That was a film that never quite struck us as being realistic in any regard. Hearing that the training scenes of "G.I. Jane" were mostly Hollywood make-believe also was not too surprising.

Jocko's thoughts on "Saving Private Ryan" were most interesting to me. I know a Vietnam veteran who said the same thing as Willink, that the D-Day beach scene is one of the more realistic depictions of what real combat is like in film. They must have had real vets on set to advise on the realism of those scenes.

Honestly, we could listen to Jocko break down scenes like this all day long. His extensive knowledge from years of experience gives us a whole new perspective on these famous movie scenes that we would not have had otherwise. Thanks for enlightening us on the subject Jocko, and thanks for your service to our nation!

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