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Steven Rinella Points Out the Flaws in More Terrible Hunting Scenes in Movies

Steven Rinella points out more glaring hunting flaws in movies.

Hunting is firmly engrained into our society and as a result, it often pops up in movies and TV. The problem? Most filmmakers are not nearly familiar enough with hunting and it is blatantly obvious to those of us who have been hunting our whole lives. It makes us wonder: Do filmmakers ever get hunters to consult on these films?

Not nearly often enough it seems. You may remember a while back Steven Rinella, aka: The Meateater, did a video for GQ where he broke down terrible hunting scenes in movies like this.

Well, they invited Rinella to do it again for a fresh batch of hunting scenes. Once again, he does a great job of pointing out what they got wrong and the few things they got right.

Some of these scenes, like the one from Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Daddy's Home 2 are simply ridiculous and make hunters look like total idiots. We are glad that Rinella acknowledged that fact here.

The most interesting part of the video for us were the skull and spine samples with broadheads Rinella showed us. Those are a reminder that bad shots can happen even under ideal circumstances. One of those shots worked out and the other did not. Either way, it goes to show the importance of shot placement. This is something that is often completely ignored in most movie hunting scenes, especially that one from The Hunger Games.

We had to laugh at Rinella's critique of the backpack in "The Hunter" too. He is spot on. This logistical issue with backpacks in film is not limited just to hunting movies. This same problem of backpacks holding a truckload of gear pops up in camping, fishing, and hiking movies with regularity too. It is like none of the movie producers ever packed a simple bag for a trip.

Rinella does such an awesome job breaking these scenes down. Why are movie makers not hiring this guy as their consultant for these films? He clearly knows a thing or two about pacing and what goes into a good movie. Hire him already Hollywood!

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